2024/03/01 - Major Update: Ending Censorship & Enhancing Privacy

We have completely overhauled how you manage and share your photos & videos to give you more control and freedom. 

  • You can now add videos to your public profile.

  • Your photos & videos are now organized by public or private galleries.

  • You can put any photo or video in your public gallery as long as it's legal and not offensive, we will generally not interfere

  • All photos & videos in your public gallery are public and visible on your profile by default, ending censorship.

  • To comply with app store guidelines, viewing sensitive media is opt-in via our website, but it's fast and easy.

  • Private galleries can be shared permanently or limited to one view.

  • Permission to see your private galleries can be revoked at any time for one or all users.

The above changes give you unrivaled freedom of expression yet maximum privacy & control. 

There will be some issues whilst we get all of our users to update to the latest version of the app but this will settle down after a few weeks.

We have put our hearts and souls into this update and we are the first app to tackle the draconian censorship rules that have been forced upon us all for many years. We hope you like the changes, and please bear with us whilst we deal with any bugs.